Tag Heuer global limited edition – Grand Carrera Full Rose Gold

Carrera Pan American Mexico road race, is the most difficult and most dangerous road race in the world. And “Carrera” is the track name of this road race. In 1964, to commemorate this dangerous track which was full of challenge, Jack heuer created the classic Carrera series watches with the inspiration of racing timing devices. Replica tag heuer grand carrera is an updated version of Carrera series, which replaces the traditional pointers with the rotating system display dial to show the time. The Grand Carrera combined the unprecedented precious complexity, superior performance and infinite precision together as a whole, which not only won the favor of the formula one world champion, lewis Hamilton, but also in the innovative development of its extraordinary luxury, deduced the Tag Heuer’s unique origin with the racing world and its unremitting pursuit on the innovative technology clearly and vividly.

replica tag heuer watches

replica tag heuer watches

In 2011, the world’s first mechanical chronograph CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1/100 global limited edition was perfectly released with the center second hand showing the 1/100 second precision, and it had the limited set of only 150 pieces of rose gold watches, and only three pieces in China. Its 360,000 times for a half pendulum presented the extreme precision, which brought the stopwatch innovation to the modern car racing enthusiasts who pursue the extreme precision.

At the time of the 5 years when the Calibre 360 timing chronograph was launched, Tag Heuer front-loaded again, designed the high frequency double component mechanical movement, which can be a gift for the Tag Heuer Mikrograph stopwatch of the 1916 edition.

Though there are just three pieces of the Tag Heuer global limited edition-Grand Carrera Full Rose Gold watch in China, and it is rather difficult to buy yours and it is highly priced, why not consider the replica one to save more money while getting the really-like Tag Heuer limited edition Grand Carrera watch at affordable price?